New Jersey

The Governor of New Jersey signed A 1582/S 2625 into law on January 13, 2020.

This legislation creates a license to practice medical nutrition therapy in the state. It creates a licensure path for Certified Nutrition Specialists® (CNSs) and other advanced-degreed nutritionists and allows other nutrition practitioners to provide individualized nutrition counseling that doesn’t target a medical condition. We are pleased to have worked with leading nutrition stakeholders to improve and bring forth this legislation! 

The bill becomes effective in January 2021, at which time CNSs can begin applying for a license with the New Jersey Board of Dietetics and Nutrition, which the bill creates. Any individual practicing medical nutrition therapy will need to obtain a license in order to continue doing so at that time.

There is no action you can take this year to become licensed. New Jersey CNSs should stay tuned for emails when this becomes available.

You can read the bill and learn more about the requirements one must meet for licensure at