New York


New York certifies dietitians and nutritionists. Only state certified individuals may use the titles "certified dietitian", "certified dietician", and "certified nutritionist". However, there is no certification requirement for providing nutrition care.

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Qualification Requirements for State Licensure or State Certification:
  • Academic: Applicant must have completed a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited institution, and have completed at least 45 semester hours of dietetics and nutrition course work, and 20 of these hours in human biological sciences, and social and behavioral sciences. Applicants may have also completed a program in dietetics or nutrition leading to an associate degree if the applicant has 10 full-time equivalent years of experience in dietetics or nutrition within the last 15 years and 30 semester hours of course work in dietetics or nutrition and 15 semester hours in human biological sciences and social and behavioral sciences. Professional Dietetics and Nutrition Content Area includes coursework that covers all of the following curricular areas: principles of nutrition in health and disease; human nutrition needs throughout the life span; assessment and evaluation of the nutritional status of individuals, families, and communities; nutrient composition of food; food service management, including but not limited to such topics as human resources, planning, purchasing, preparation and service, delivery, and sanitation; diet modifications; counseling, education, and communication skills; interpretation of nutrition information and its application; ethics and professionalism. Human Biological Sciences and Social and Behavioral Sciences Content Area includes coursework in the following curricular areas: human biological sciences, including principles of biochemistry and physiology; social and behavioral sciences, including cultural aspects.
  • Experience: Completion of one-half of a full-time equivalent year of planned work experience (800 hours) as part of am educational program or following the completion of your educational program, within any three-year time frame. Planned work experience means continuous work experience in dietetics-nutrition, which reflects increased levels of professional growth and is under the supervision of a New York State Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist or someone who is registered by or a member of a national dietetic or nutrition association acceptable to the New York State Education Department. The experience must include: assessing nutrition needs and food patterns, planning for and directing the provision of food appropriate for physical and nutrition needs, and providing nutrition counseling.
  • Examination: The Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) exam from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS) exam of the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS), or other exam approved by the department

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