GI-MAP Fundamentals and Application Course

GI-MAP Fundamentals and Application is a CE-accredited educational course from Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory

Learning Objectives

  • Apply and incorporate advanced stool testing into your nutritional practice  
  • Use the GI-MAP to find root causes of symptoms ranging from bloating and constipation to acne and depression  
  • Interpret a GI-MAP test and personalize protocols that improve and optimize patient health

Course Details

This course teaches practitioners the skills needed to effectively interpret comprehensive stool test results and find root causes of gastrointestinal and extraintestinal symptoms stemming from dysfunctional gut health.

  • 100% online, and self-paced
  • Approximate total learning time: Less than 10 hours for required course materials and quizzes
  • Course completion counts towards 6 CE hours
  • This course was created by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory and has been reviewed by the American Nutrition Association
  • Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory administers and manages this course. Any questions can be submitted directly to DSL by clicking on your DSL profile icon and selecting the "Contact Us" option (on the DSL site).

Completing this course will prepare you to implement the GI-MAP into your practice. You’ll be equipped to use your nutritional expertise to treat patients using stool testing as a diagnostic tool.

This course is designed to be completed within 10 weeks and is taught by the DSL Education Team. They will present clinically-impactful information using the latest research and case studies to review key areas of gut dysfunction, how they present in clinical practice, and how they impact patient health. Upon course completion, you’ll have the tools needed to identify and treat food sensitivities, autoimmunity, dysbiosis, H. pylori, and much more.*

Treatment recommendations included in the GI-MAP Fundamentals and Application course are not from American Nutrition Association. Suggestions from the course instructors are based on their experience using the GI-MAP in clinical practice.

The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists℠ , the certifying arm of the American Nutrition Association® (ANA®), designates this activity for a maximum of 6 continuing education credits for the Certified Nutrition Specialist®.