Stanley Dudrick

BCNS Board Member

Dr. Dudrick is widely recognized and respected throughout the scientific, academic and clinical world for his innovative and pioneering research in the development of the specialized central venous feeding technique known as intravenous hyperalimentation (IVH) or total parenteral nutrition (TPN). The basic investigative development and subsequent successful clinical application of this highly effective therapeutic modality has been described as one of the four most significant accomplishments in the history of the development of modern surgery, together with the discovery and development of asepsis and antisepsis, antibiotic therapy and anesthesia (JAMA 239:192, 1978). It has also been acknowledged as one of the three most important advancements in surgery during the past century along with open heart surgery and organ transplantation.

Dr. Dudrick is a Professor of Surgery at Yale University School of Medicine, and Chairman Emeritus, Surgery, at Saint Mary's Hospital, Waterbury, CT. Certified by the American Board of Surgery, he served this prestigious organization as an Examiner continuously since 1974, as a member of its Board of Directors and then, as a Senior Member of the Board for a total of 26 years.

The ANA Mourns the Loss of Director Dr. Stanley Dudrick