Become a CNS®

Become certified as an advanced personalized nutrition practitioner.

What is the CNS credential?

The Certified Nutrition Specialist® credential (CNS®) is the most advanced certification for personalized nutrition practitioners. Certified Nutrition Specialists practice science-based personalized nutrition therapy to power people to health. They are spearheading the transformation from population-based to personalized nutrition, and from disease care to authentic health care. 

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Why become a CNS professional?

Proven Expertise: Demonstrates your advanced knowledge and skill in personalized nutrition science and practice.

Practice Rights: Represents an avenue to obtain a license to practice nutrition in many states.

Career: You are highly sought-after for nutrition jobs in health care, academia, industry and government.

Community: You are nurtured by your American Nutrition Association® family, which Educates, Certifies, Advocates and Connects to equip you with the science and practice of personalized nutrition.

Quality-assured by third-party NCCA Accreditation.



How do I qualify to obtain the CNS credential?

There are three pathways to qualify to become a CNS professional. Use our CNS Quick Check tool to explore your path.

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