Regionally Accredited Graduate Programs & Courses in Nutrition

Nutrition Master's Degrees

Programs that fulfill or partially fulfill CNS Educational Requirements:

  • Bastyr University, MS in Nutrition
  • Columbia University, MS in Nutrition & Education; MS in Nutrition & Public Health; MS in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology
  • Florida International University, MS in Dietetics & Nutrition
  • Iowa State University, MS in Human Nutrition
  • Logan University, MS in Nutrition and Human Performance
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health, MS in Nutrition and Integrative Health
  • National University of Natural Medicine, MS in Nutrition
  • New York Chiropractic College, MS in Applied Clinical Nutrition
  • New York Institute of Technology, MS in Clinical Nutrition
  • New York University, MS in Clinical Nutrition
  • Nova Southeastern University, MS in Nutrition
  • Rutgers University, MS in Nutritional Sciences (2 tracks: nutritional biochemistry and physiology, and community and applied nutrition)
  • Saybrook University, MS in Integrative and Functional Nutrition
  • Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, MS in Clinical Nutrition
  • State University of New York System, Buffalo, MS in Nutrition
  • University of Arizona, MS in Nutritional Sciences
  • University of Bridgeport, MS in Human Nutrition
  • University of Maryland, MS in Nutrition & Food Science
  • University of Miami, MS in Nutrition for Health & Human Performance
  • University of New England, MS in Applied Nutrition
  • University of Western States, MS in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Doctoral Degree in Human Nutrition

  • Columbia University, Doctor of Nutrition and Metabolic Biology
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health, Doctor of Clinical Nutrition
  • Saybrook University, PhD in Integrative & Functional Nutrition

Online Certificate Programs Offering Graduate Credits

  • Columbia University, Certificate in Medical Nutrition for Health Professionals
  • Maryland University of Integrative Health, Post Master’s Certificate in Nutrition & Integrative Health
  • Tufts University, Graduate Certificate Program, Nutrition Science for Health Professionals

Schools Offering Courses on Non-Matriculated Basis

  • Maryland University of Integrative Health, MS Nutrition and Integrative Health
  • New York Chiropractic College, MS Applied Clinical Nutrition
  • University of Bridgeport, MS Human Nutrition
  • University of New England, MS in Applied Nutrition
  • University of Western States, MS Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine

Note: This is not a complete list. Additional institutions wishing to be reviewed for inclusion on this list should contact the BCNS. Listing does not mean endorsement. Candidates must check current university programs against current Certified Nutrition Specialist education and coursework requirements.

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