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You have earned the gold-standard nutrition credential for advanced nutrition practitioners. The ANA is here to spotlight you and what you bring! Below are some great opportunities to shine.

CNS Heritage Months

The ANA is continuing to celebrate Heritage Months throughout the year and invite CNSs to participate!

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CNS Spotlight Video

We are looking for passionate CNS®s to share their story! What inspires you in your practice? What does Personalized Nutrition mean to you? How do you use Personalized Nutrition to change people’s lives? Send us your brief personal video and we will feature them on CNS Connect as well as on the CNS Spotlight YouTube Channel.

Have you already submitted your CNS Spotlight video? We encourage you to include the link to your video within your ANA Practitioner Finder listing. You can do this my adding the link into the About Me section of your listing. If you need any assistance adding this to your listing, reach out to

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CNS Spotlight Feature

Share your success stories! Have you recently written a book? Been interviewed or featured in the news? Had a breakthrough with a client? Landed a new job? Helped a non-profit or underserved community? Let us know and we will share your Feature on CNS Connect as well as through our social media channels.

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Conduct an ANA Webinar

Demonstrate your expertise and help educate your fellow CNS® colleagues. ANA webinars are released monthly and designed for nutrition professionals, researchers, academics, and students who use nutrition as a practice tool.

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Listing in the ANA Practitioner Finder

Are you looking for visibility and connections to patients or clients? The ANA’s online Practitioner Finder connects you with prospective clients, who can find you by searching by location, specialty and more. Please note, the Practitioner Finder is a benefit of ANA Professional Membership.

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