Nutrition Leaders Council

The Nutrition Leaders Council is a group of visionary business leaders partnering with the American Nutrition Association to move nutrition to the core of our healthcare system and culture.
Nutrition Leaders Council Members:
  • Engage with the American Nutrition Association, convene annually at the ANA’s world-class Personalized Nutrition Conference, and receive quarterly updates from the CEO
  • Build relationships with the ANA ecosystem and other NLC business leaders
  • Expand company brand awareness
  • Demonstrate that they meet the robust quality and integrity standards of the ANA, to be invited to participate
  • Financially contribute to the work of the ANA


Designs for Health                          Enzymedica


Ortho Molecular  Standard Process  


                         Rupa Health




brightseed                        Canxida     

Diagnostics Solutions Lab                                           intakeQ




Join the ANA movement by joining our Nutrition Leaders Council. Please contact Ginger Downey, MS, CNS, Corporate Relations Officer for more information.