Current CNS®

Continue learning, growing, and giving back.

As a CNS®, you have unique opportunities to engage with students, colleagues, and the broader ANA ecosystem.

What support does the American Nutrition Association offer to the CNS?
  • Visit CNS® Connect - a community space for CNSs to find resources, share, learn and CONNECT.
  • ANA membership offers a professional home for the science and practice of personalized nutrition.
  • The ANA website offers a searchable online Practitioner Finder directory for the public to connect with nutrition professionals. If you are interested in being listed, please join the ANA as a Member and apply to be included in the ANA's Practitioner Finder.
  • The ANA offers Specialty Trainings such as the Ketogenic Nutrition Training Program, and you can then become a CKNS SM (Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist SM)
  • Formerly the Center for Nutrition Advocacy®, the ANA's advocacy work is rooted in one of our deeply held values. We advance the rights and sustainability of all health practitioners to practice nutrition to the level of their training.
How can I get involved in the ANA Community?

You now have the ability to submit information directly through My Portal:

  • Become a CNS volunteer

Log into My Portal and whether you are a paid ANA member or a Professional Associate, you can opt into various volunteer opportunities.

Complete the form and then upload it via the Portal along with your current resume/CV for BCNS supervisor approval.

As a CNS Supervisor you will help to advance the learning and careers of CNS candidates and, as such, play a key role in the future of the field of nutrition, as it transforms into a foundational tool in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease. By supervising CNS candidates, you will also have the opportunity to learn and grow as a mentor, gain support for your practice and add value to your clients' experiences.

How do I pay my CNS Annual Fees?
  • Log into the portal.
  • Click on Memberships, Certifications & Trainings .
  • Click on Payments .
  • Click on the 2nd blue bar called CNS Annual Fees & Recertification Fees .
  • Click on the drop down menu and select the year you need to pay .
  • Click Continue .
  • Enter credit card information and click pay.
  • NOTE: if you need to pay more than one year, follow steps 5-7 for each year.