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Personalized nutrition has the power to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Nutrition drives our health destiny. The first step in stopping the chronic disease crisis is your investment. At the ANA, we Educate, Certify, Advocate & Connect to unleash personalized nutrition’s potential. Invest today help us create a society of healthy people powered by nutrition.

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Photo of Jan Kielmann, MS, CNS

After years of studying, practicing and teaching I am still blown away every day by the depth of knowledge we have available to us to understand the functioning of our bodies. I am now a proud member of the American Nutrition Association. Nutrition is part of the emerging healthcare system of the future and the ANA is on the forefront of developing it in an evidence-based, trustworthy and scientific way.

Jan Kielmann, MS, CNS
Practitioner & ANA Ambassador
Photo of Suzanne Caputo

I have been really feeling great. Very energetic and healthy. Much of that I attribute to your guidance, which gets better and more targeted every year.

Suzanne Caputo
Photo of Lisa B.

I spent over 20 years battling severe gastrointestinal pain. I was misdiagnosed and ineffectively treated and couldn’t do the things I enjoyed, like going out to eat or taking a vacation with my family. My condition was getting worse and more complex, so I decided to try another route and get help from a CNS. She was the first person to take time to get the whole picture about my health and work with me on a nutrition plan that we refined over time. After five months I was free from migraines and GI pain. And I was finally able to take a worry-free beach vacation!

Lisa B.