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Our esteemed nutrition organizations that date back to 1959 are thrilled to now link arms to form the unified professional home for the science and practice of personalized nutrition: the American Nutrition Association®.

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Are you a health practitioner, industry professional, scientist, academic, or educator who believes in the ANA, Vision, Mission and Values? Then Professional membership is for you! For a limited time, we are offering a unique opportunity to be a Charter Member; lock in 20% off annual dues FOR LIFE!

For any professional in a health-related field, including Certified Nutrition Specialist* professionals and others, with a passion for nutrition including:

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We love our student members - you are the future of the field of personalized nutrition! We meet you where you’re at with discounted student pricing as long as you’re enrolled in a nutrition or health-related program of study*. Be part of the family and reap the benefits of mentorship, the students in nutrition movement and more as you pave your path in nutrition.

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Are you involved professionally in some capacity in a health related field? This is designed for budding Professional members of the ANA who wish to explore and engage with the community*.

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We believe that Nutrition is for Everyone, and that personalized nutrition can positively impact your health and wellbeing. As a Nutrition Enthusiast you can become part of the ANA family and get the scoop on good nutrition right away!


*Are you an active CNS or CNS candidate? 

Please register as an ANA member in order to access My Portal where you can find resources, forms and applications, check your CNS status, pay your fees, and more. We recommend Professional Membership for active CNSs and CNS candidates already in the field. We recommend Student Membership for CNS candidates currently enrolled in a nutrition-related program of study. Please note: The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS), which is the credentialing body for the CNS and CKNS credential, remains a separate legal entity from the ANA. The CNS and CKNS annual renewal fee is distinct from ANA membership dues and CNSs/CKNSs are NOT required to be paid Members of the ANA. The annual credential renewal fee of $100 is required to keep CNS and CKNS credentials current. Additionally, CNS and CKNS certificants must recertify every 5 years (requires an application and a $200 fee).