Join and invest in the ANA Movement to create a society of Healthy People Powered by Nutrition.


Bring the power of personalized nutrition to the core of our health and health care.

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Share the ANA Movement. Together, we can reverse chronic disease and obesity crisis.

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Power people to health with the science and practice of personalized nutrition.

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Get the latest nutrition news and information from the ANA.

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Personalized nutrition has the power to prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Nutrition drives our health destiny. The first step in stopping the chronic disease crisis is your investment in a new health profession. At the ANA, we Educate, Certify, Advocate & Connect to unleash personalized nutrition’s potential. Invest today help us create a society of healthy people powered by nutrition.

The ANA has a revenue mix of earned revenue, corporate contributions and philanthropy, which funds our ongoing operations and to sustain and grow our mission.


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