Where are We Headed with Personalized Nutrition & Nutritional Genomics in Practice?

Personalized nutrition is gaining traction with the emergence and evolution of new technologies, scientific insights, testing companies, personalized products, and educational programs. What does all this mean for practitioners? Join ANA Managers of Nutrition Science and Specialty Training Programs Victoria Yunez Behm and Jessica Titchenal to learn about current trends in the field of personalized nutrition and the significance of nutritional genomics in the future of nutrition practice.

Personalized Nutrition & Immune Resilience: Botanicals & Immune Dysregulation

Lyme disease is the most prevalent tick-borne illness, but it often presents with other co-infections and can have complex presentations that may be mistaken for other conditions. Dr. Minich and Dr. Fishman discuss the body’s immune response to lyme and its co-infections as well as how to manage tick-borne illnesses through integrative medicine and nutrition.

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