Personalized Nutrition + Mental Health: Thought Leader’s Discuss Emerging Research + Trends

2022 is the Year of Nutrition for Mental Health at the American Nutrition Association (ANA). Join ANA’s Manager of Nutrition Science, Victoria Yunez Behm, and ANA Scientific Advisors and 2022 Summit co-chairs Ahmed El-Sohemy and Derrick MacFabe for a lively conversation drawing links between nutrigenomics and microbiome as leading areas of research at the intersection of personalized nutrition and mental health.

Supporting Endocrine Health Physically: How to Use Foods + Nutrients for the Endocrine System

In this webinar, nutrition scientist and author, Dr. Deanna Minich, will unlock the power of the endocrine system: how it interconnects with other body systems and its importance for optimal human health. The messengers of the endocrine circuit are hormones of all types, including those involved in stress, reproduction, appetite, and metabolism. Within this presentation, nutrition professionals will learn how to assess hormone imbalance, describe the role of endocrine disruptors, and nutrition/lifestyle approaches to optimize hormones for greater harmony throughout the lifespan.

Perspectives Working with Individuals in 12-Step Programs

Nutrition professionals frequently encounter clients who participate in twelve-step food recovery programs. An understanding of the principles and practices of these programs helps facilitate a shared narrative and therapeutic partnership.

This webinar provides an overview of twelve-step programs; outlines the unique biopsychosocial and nutritional challenges facing clients in 12-step programs; discusses the basic principles of developing a food plan for someone in recovery; and summarizes key ways that nutritionists can serve individuals who identify as food addicts.