CNS Call for Personalized Nutrition Resource Center Submissions
  • August 16, 2022

You are welcome to submit more than one piece and may do so at any time. We are hoping to be able to provide a robust number of resources on the new ANA website. Please see below the requirements that need to be met for your content to be evaluated. You may use the template for your submissions to ensure all of the necessary information is included.  Submission form here.

General requirements:

Content: Nutrition-focused or relevant to nutrition science, education, or practice. Complete / ready for publication; not published elsewhere.
Suggested Title
Name and Credentials (the way you want them to appear)
Length: 500-750 words excluding charts and graphics
Topic: Aligned with the PNRC Categories.
PNRC Categories

  • Brain + Cognition
  • Cardiometabolic
  • Clinical Reference Sheets
  • Digestion + Microbiome
  • Healthspan (including longevity)
  • Immune + Autoimmune
  • Lifestyle + Behavior
  • Mental Health + Mood
  • Nutrients + Bioactives
  • Personalized Nutrition (Omics)
  • Reproductive Health + Hormones
  • Toxicity + Detoxification

References & Citations: the document is evidenced-based, and references are included in AMA format.
Identify Audience: the language of the document needs to be aligned with the intended audience, general public or professional/practice oriented.


Additional information

Marketing: Materials should be fully reproducible (i.e. we cannot reproduce images or text derived from other sources without permission).  You will retain rights to the materials. You agree to grant the ANA rights to post, reuse, and repurpose the materials with permissions. ANA has the right to edit or adapt materials to match our criteria and formatting. We will send you a finalized version for your files.

Rights: You will be listed as an author or contributor in partnership with the ANA and others who contribute to the final resource.

If you are interested in sharing relevant content you have created,  please email questions and materials to