CNS Fees vs ANA Fees

Learn about the differences between the two fees
  CNS Annual Fees

ANA Membership

Who pays the fee? All CNSs Anyone who would like to join
When is the fee due? December 31st of each year, for the upcoming year (ex: 2023 dues were due on 12/31/22) No formal due date (rolling basis)
Who is the fee paid to? The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists American Nutrition Association, a 501(c)3
How much is the fee? $100/year

Content Membership: $269/year

Is this fee required? Yes, for all CNSs NO, this is optional
What is this fee for?
  • Fund initiatives that support CNSs – CNS Connect (Annual Summit events, networking events, webinar series, social media), ANA Student Ambassadors, State Mentor Programs  
  • Fund critical Advocacy efforts to continue to make inroads for CNS practice rights and in federal legislation  
  • Uphold NCCA accreditation and pay annual fees to NCCA 
  • Fund CNS exam facilitation


Membership Benefits


What happens if I do not pay?

Failure to pay past due fees will result in the following:  

  • Revocation which carries inability to recertify   
  • Removal from Practitioner Directory on the ANA website.  
  • The inability of the BCNS to provide verification of certification for state licensure or insurance purposes.
Membership will end, if not renewed. Access to benefits will end.
Who can I contact about these fees? Email Us Email Us