Our Ecosystem

Nutrition is an Ecosystem of food growers and providers, scientists, healthcare professionals, policymakers, philanthropists, corporations and more.

As a non-profit, our bottom line is Healthy People, Powered by Nutrition. Pure and simple. Everything we do drives toward that Vision. 

But we cannot do it alone.  We collaborate with those aligned with our Vision, Mission and Values to truly advance a society of Healthy People, Powered by Nutrition. That is the ANA Ecosystem.

ANA Ecosystem

Here are some of the key stakeholder groups in the ANA Ecosystem:


Leading organizations advancing human health that the ANA is proud to be in collaboration with.

Universities and CE Partnerships

Regionally accredited graduate programs & courses in nutrition.

Scientific Advisory Council

Esteemed scientists and clinicians who advise and collaborate with the ANA.

Student Ambassadors

The leaders of the ANA's Students in Nutrition movement.

ANA Europe

Bridging US and European nutrition science and practice.