Personalized Nutrition 2020

Join us at our 61st annual summit November 10-13 in Chicago, IL.
Personalized Nutrition 2020


Personalized Nutrition 2020SM: Mapping the Future

Nutrition is core to human health. Differences in our biochemistry, metabolism, genetics, and microbiota all contribute to the dramatic differences among individuals in response to their nutrition. Personalized nutrition leverages human individuality to drive nutrition strategies that can prevent, manage, and treat disease and optimize health. Its potential must be catalyzed if we are to move nutrition to the core of health care.

Personalized Nutrition 2020 will convene scientists, educators, healthcare professionals, philanthropists, and business leaders for four days of programming to consider how far we’ve come and how our work contributes to the ongoing formation of the field of personalized nutrition in the coming decades.

Join us at the epicenter of the personalized nutrition community.



The Personalized Nutrition 2020 Science & Practice Conference is our 61st annual conference, with 500 professionals and scientists in attendance. We explore leading-edge areas of research, assessment, and clinical care in personalized nutrition topics including:

  • Microbiomics
  • Nutritional genomics
  • Phenotypic flexibility
  • Metabolomics/lipidomics
  • Brain-body
  • Mental health
  • Reproductive health
  • Longevity
  • COVID-19

New this year! Day One of the Personalized Nutrition 2020 Summit, the Business Leaders Forum convenes stakeholders to catalyze the personalized nutrition marketplace for cutting-edge conversations on:

  • State of the Personalized Nutrition Industry & Ecosystem
  • End-to-End Consumer & Patient Experience
  • Assessing & Prescribing
  • Interfacing with the Health Practitioner & Consumer (Experience)
  • Investing in Personalized Nutrition 
  • Emerging Technologies & Tools
  • COVID-19: Implications for Personalized Nutrition & Healthcare



Premier product and service showcase open throughout Personalized Nutrition 2020.

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The ANA remains committed to hosting our in-person annual summit, Personalized Nutrition 2020, as planned November 10-13. We are monitoring recommendations from authorities regarding COVID-19 and will determine the safest course of action. We will communicate if it becomes necessary to shift to an online offering.