Personalized Nutrition 2022 Agenda

All time in Pacific Standard Time (PST) | Agenda subject to change

Science + Practice Sessions Wed. Oct. 26-Fri. Oct. 28

Wed. October 26, 2022 | Morning Sessions | 7AM-11:15AM 
  • Sessions TBD 

Wed. October 26, 2022 | Personalized Nutrition in Practice Clinical Sessions | 1PM-4:45PM 
  • Topic TBD - Jill Sheppard-Davenport, MS, CNS, LDN, MPP
  • Topic TBD - Nicole Feehery-Alpuerto, MS, CNS, LN
  • Functional Medicine for Eating Disorders - Abra Pappa, MS, CNS
  • Amino Acid Therapy for Mood Disorders - Kim Ross, DCN, MS, MBA, CNS, CDN, LDN, IFMCP
  • Herbal Adaptogens: Selecting the Best Herbs for Stress-Related Disorders - Rebecca Snow, MS, CNS, LDN, RH(AHG)
  • Nutrigenetics for Major Depressive Disorder - Jenny Bapton, MS, RDN, PhD-c
  • Integrative Therapies for Inebriate Patients in Nutrition Practice Jasmine Blake Hollywood, MS, CNS
  • To Eat or Not to Eat: When Chronic Conditions are Barriers to Mental Health Alyson Roux, MS, CNS, LDN, MFA, Meg Bowman MS CNS LDN
Thur. October 27, 2022 | Meeting of the Minds: Interdisciplinary Mental Health Nutrition| 8AM-12:10PM
  • New Frontiers in Nutritional Psychiatry - Felice Jacka, PhD
  • The Mind Gut Connection - Emeran Mayer, MD
  • Pediatric Nutrition + Child Psychology - Nicole Beurkens, PhD, CNS
Thur. October 27, 2022 | Zooming In: Molecular Science & Personalized Nutrition| 1:30-5PM
  • Nutrition, Genetics + Mental Health - Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD
  • Nutrition Knowledge, Genetics + Diet Quality During the Pandemic - Yiannis Mavrommatis, PhD, RD
  • Customized Diets for Improving Mental Wellbeing - Lina Begdache, PhD, CDN, RDN, CNS-S
Fri. October 28, 2022 | Micro to Macro: Systems & Science in Mental Health Nutrition| 8AM-12:10PM
  • Food Systems + Food Justice - Selena Ahmed, PhD
  • Nutrition, Microbes + the Brain: Key Mechanism + Emerging Concepts - Derrick MacFabe, MD, FACN
  • Personalized Nutrition + Mental Health Promotion in Trauma - Karen Davison, PhD, MSc, RD, CHES
Fri. October 28, 2022 | Maintaining Brain Health & Mental Wellbeing | 1:30-5PM
  • Functional Approaches to Mental Health Maintenance - Cheng Ruan, MD
  • Nutritional Approaches for Treating Comorbid Pain + Mental Health Concerns - Robert Bonakdar, MD, FAAFP, FACN
  • Personalized Nutrition Interventions for Brain Health - Dale Bredesen, MD

Food for Thought Public Forum Sat. Oct. 29

Sat. October 29, 2022 | 8AM-1:30PM 

The COVID-19 pandemic, tragedies around the world, and conditions like depression, anxiety, and disordered eating have brought conversations about mental health into focus in the public sphere. Personalized nutrition is increasingly being recognized as a powerful tool in the prevention and treatment of a spectrum of brain and mental health conditions.

For the first time ever, the American Nutrition Association is hosting a public day during Personalized Nutrition, a week-long Summit bringing together the world’s top Personalized Nutrition thought leaders, nutritionists, researchers, healthcare professionals, and companies. The “Food for Thought Public Forum” is a one-day event of cooking demos, panel discussions, and talks with the nutrition industry’s leading experts and more. Join us for an important day of conversation, learning, and fun – and learn how the power of nutrition affects – and can improve – our mental health.

  • Topic TBD - Stacie J. Stephenson, DC, CNS, DABAAHP, FAARM
  • Feed Your Mental Health - Drew Ramsey, MD
  • Interactive Cooking Demo - Abra Pappa, MS, CNS

On-Demand Sessions 

Access to the pre-recorded on-demand sessions are included when you register for the entire Summit. 

  • Maintaining Mental Health + Sexual Health: Functional Medicine + Nutritional Considerations - Barbara Bartlik, MD
  • Psychosocial Influences on Eating Behavior - Susan Carnell, PhD
  • Personalized Nutrition in the LGBTQ+ Community- Daniel O’Shaughnessy, Dip ION, mBANT, IFMCP