Personalized Nutrition 2022 Agenda

All time in Pacific Standard Time (PST) | Agenda subject to change

Mobilizing The Nutrition Ecosystem, Wed. Oct. 26

Wed. October 26, 2022 | Aligning Availability, Access & Adoption | 8AM-11:30AM 

The American Nutrition Association (ANA) believes that Nutrition is for Everyone. In this opening session of its annual gathering, the ANA is bringing together a collective force of change-agents who are passionate about empowering individuals and communities to flourish and be the healthiest versions of themselves. Each nutrition change maker, representing a unique sector of the nutrition ecosystem, will give a lightning talk to highlight how their work challenges or addresses three essential ingredients in the recipe for transforming societal health with nutrition: availability, access, and adoption. The session concludes with a thought-leaders fireside chat moderated by ANA CEO Michael Stroka.

  • Welcome - Michael Stroka, JD, MBA, MS, CNS, LDN - Chief Executive Officer, American Nutrition Association + Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, FACN, FASN, CNS-S - Board Chair, American Nutrition Association
  • State of the Personalized Nutrition Industry - Tom Aarts, MBA Founder and Managing Director, Nutrition Business Advisors
  • Introducing Precision Framework, Opportunities, + Challenges for a Future of Preventive Health + Wellbeing - Ali Mostashari, PhD CEO, LifeNome
  • Food + Nutrition Security Through Equity + Sustainability Lens - Tambra Raye Stevenson, MPH, PhD-c Founder/CEO, WANDA
  • How America’s Largest Non-Profit is Moving Beyond an Emergency Humanitarian Framework to Address Hunger in America - Tom Summerfelt, PhD Chief Research Officer, Feeding America
  • The Time is Ripe for ESG + Nutrition: Evidence-Based Nutrition Metrics for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing - Meghan O'Hearn, MS Doctoral Candidate, Mozaffarian Research Group, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy
  • Building Better Health for the San Diego Community - Nick Macchione, MS, MPH, FACHE Director, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency
  • Paving New Paths for Proactive Health through Nutrition - Sofia Elizondo, Co-founder + COO, Brightseed

Science + Practice Sessions, Wed. Oct. 26-Fri. Oct. 28

Wed. October 26, 2022 | Personalized Nutrition in Practice Clinical Sessions | 1PM-5:15PM 
  • Addressing Root Causes of Chronic Depression, Anxiety, + Insomnia with Personalized Nutrition - Jill Sheppard-Davenport, MS, CNS, LDN, MPP
  • Beyond Serotonin: Exploring the Bidirectional Gut-Brain Connection in Mental Health - Lara Zakaria, PharmD, MS, CNS, CDN, IFMCP
  • Functional Nutrition for Clients with Eating Disorders + GI Imbalances - Abra Pappa, MS, CNS
  • Amino Acid Therapy for Mood Disorders - Kim Ross, DCN, MS, MBA, CNS, CDN, LDN, IFMCP
  • Herbal Adaptogens: Selecting Herbs for Mood Imbalances, Insomnia + Other Stress-Related Disorders - Rebecca Snow, MS, CNS, LDN, RH(AHG)
  • Nutrition Assessment for Gender-Affirming Hormone Therapy in a Transgender Woman- Dana Chicarelli, DCN-c, MS, CNS-c + Rachel Knowles, DCN-c, MS, LDN, CNS, BCHN, CDSP, CBS
  • Integrative Therapies for Inebriate Patients in Nutrition Practice - Jasmine Hollywood, DCN(c), LDN, CNS, BA-Psy, CRPS, ORDM
  • To Eat or Not to Eat: When Chronic Conditions are Barriers to Mental Health - Alyson Roux, MS, CNS, LDN, MFA + Meg Bowman MS CNS LDN

5:30-7:30PM - CNS Connect Happy Hour (Virtual & In-Person)

Thur. October 27, 2022 | Meeting of the Minds: Interdisciplinary Mental Health Nutrition| 8AM-12:10PM
  • Nutrition Hall of Fame Induction (Non-CME)
  • Food + Mental Health - Deanna Minich, MS, PhD, CNS, FACN (Non-CME)
  • The Mind-Gut-Immune Connection - Emeran Mayer, MD
  • Nutritional Psychiatry: Implications for the Prevention + Treatment of Mental Disorders - Felice Jacka, PhD
Thur. October 27, 2022 | Zooming In: Molecular Science & Personalized Nutrition| 1:30-5PM
  • Nutrition, Genetics + Mental Health - Ahmed El-Sohemy, PhD
  • Nutrition Knowledge, Genetics + Diet Quality During the Pandemic - Yiannis Mavrommatis, PhD, RD
  • Customization of Diet + Lifestyle: Toward Personalized Therapy - Lina Begdache, PhD, CDN, RDN, CNS-S
  • Fireside Chat/Q+A
Fri. October 28, 2022 | Micro to Macro: Systems + Science in Mental Health Nutrition| 8AM-12:15PM
  • Uric Acid + Metabolic Mayhem - David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM
  • Sustainable + Equitable Food Systems for Human + Planetary Health - Selena Ahmed, PhD
  • Nutrition, Microbes + the Brain: Key Mechanism + Emerging Concepts - Derrick MacFabe, MD, FACN
  • Personalized Nutrition Across the Mental Health Continuum - Karen Davison, PhD, MSc, RD, CHES
Fri. October 28, 2022 | Maintaining Brain Health + Mental Wellbeing | 1:30-5PM
  • Constructing the Body’s Ecosystem for Mental Health - Cheng Ruan, MD
  • Nutritional Approaches for Comorbid Pain + Mental Health - Robert Bonakdar, MD, FAAFP, FACN
  • Nutrition for Brain Health + Reversing Cognitive Decline - Dale Bredesen, MD
  • Fireside Chat/Q+A

On-Demand Sessions 

Access to the pre-recorded on-demand sessions are included when you register for the entire Summit. 

  • The Importance of Nutrition to Sexual Health + Mental Health - Barbara Bartlik, MD
  • Psychological + Behavioral Influences on Food Intake + Body Weight - Susan Carnell, PhD
  • Personalized Nutrition in the LGBTQ+ Community - Daniel O’Shaughnessy, Dip ION, mBANT, IFMCP
  • Nutritional Genomics + Major Depression Disorder - Jenny Bapton, MS, RDN, PhD-c
  • Exploring the Antidepressant Actions of Bioflavonoids - Jess Zadra, MS, CNS
  • Bingey, bloated and blue—Personalized Nutrition + Nutrigenomics From the Frontlines - Jennifer Kraker, MD, MS, PC
  • Personalized Nutrition + Microbiome Support after Pediatric Brain Injury - Nicole Feehery-Alpuerto, MS, CNS, LN