We train practitioners in the science and practice of personalized nutrition.

Ketogenic Nutrition Training Program

The Ketogenic Nutrition Training Program delivers science-based curriculum designed by leading experts in the field. Formulating research into practice, the Ketogenic Nutrition Training program boasts the following:

  • Gold-standard training for nutrition and other healthcare professionals with the optimal use of ketogenic nutrition, including benefits and contraindications
  • Appropriate, safe, and therapeutic use of ketogenic nutrition to improve clinical outcomes in a broad range of chronic metabolic conditions
  • Raised awareness of the benefits of ketogenic nutrition when implemented under the direction of a trained healthcare practitioner
  • Simple to follow, online, self-paced course
Choose Your Program
  • The Foundational Ketogenic Program $295 - Two modules that guide health coaches or nutritionists who seek a basic foundation in the ketogenic diet. Through approximately 16 hours of learning time, these key concepts enable health coaches to adequately counsel clients already prescribed a ketogenic diet by a Licensed Healthcare Provider.
  • The Advanced Ketogenic Program $695 - Six modules, which include the Foundational program plus Advanced modules, train nutritionists and other licensed healthcare professionals who desire the in-depth knowledge to fully support clients in all aspects of assessment, implementation, and maintenance of a ketogenic diet. Completion of this course through approximately 56 hours of learning time meets eligibility requirements to take the Certified Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist (CKNS℠) Examination.

ANA Members are eligible for a 15% discount to both training programs (view discount code within ANA Member Portal).

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Therapeutic Food Plans: A Component of Personalized Nutrition

Therapeutic Food Plans: A Component of Personalized Nutrition was developed in collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) to educate clinicians and other nutrition professionals on the customization and clinical applications of IFM’s suite of therapeutic food plans to meet the individual health needs of patients.

This interactive, online learning course offers case-based scenarios with diverse patients profiles to demonstrate real-world application and personalization of each food plan. Clinicians will be able to design personalized, therapeutic food plans for their patients, taking into account their unique dietary needs and preferences. This course increases point-of-care skills and provides the necessary tools to address modifiable lifestyle factors that may be influencing dietary patterns. This course will benefit clinicians who work closely with patients on nutrition, as well as other nutrition oriented healthcare workers.

ANA Members are eligible for a 10% discount to this course (view discount code within ANA Member Portal).

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Fasting Lifestyle Certificate Program

Learn how to take your fasting knowledge to the next level. The Fasting Lifestyle Certificate Program is everything you need to systematically understand and successfully coach the art and science of fasting. Our comprehensive offering of educational programs covers the science of fasting, various fasting methods, and breaks down how the transformational power of fasting has helped millions by increasing energy and improving health. The program is strategically designed to educate fasting enthusiasts, coaches, health practitioners, doctors, researchers, and even policy makers.

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Nutritional Genomics Specialist Training & Certification Program (Launches in 2020)

The objective of this program is to provide the elevation of nutritional genomics to a highly credible, reliable science-based practice. It provides practitioners with the foundational knowledge and the tools to integrate key concepts into practice for improved clinical outcomes for the prevention and reversal of a broad range of health issues.

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