Fasting Lifestyle Certificate Program

A new leading edge course on the transformative power of fasting.

Fasting Lifestyle Certificate Program

Learn how to take your fasting knowledge to the next level. The Fasting Lifestyle Certificate Program is everything you need to systematically understand and successfully coach the art and science of fasting. Our comprehensive offering of educational programs covers the science of fasting, various fasting methods, and breaks down how the transformational power of fasting has helped millions by increasing energy and improving health. The program is strategically designed to educate fasting enthusiasts, coaches, health practitioners, doctors, researchers, and even policy makers.

Course Details

This training is designed to increase your understanding and practical knowledge of the science behind life-transforming fasting methodologies. Fasting was the #1 diet in 2018–interest and engagement are growing exponentially each year. More individuals have goals that not only pertain to physical transformation, but also to their overall health and wellbeing inside and out! Of course, with the surge in popularity, advice and offerings abound and are shared liberally across digital platforms. Unfortunately, not all are trustworthy, safe, or able to deliver on their promises.

Designed by world-class healthcare providers including physicians, Registered Dietitians (RDs), and Certified Nutrition Specialists (CNSs), and in partnership with the American Nutrition Association (ANA), this course will take you through the evolution of fasting from our human origins to modern times. You will learn the myths and misconceptions about fasting; get grounded in the science of fasting, nutrition, and longevity science; and even get a glimpse into behavioral change theory, which can make or break the success of a fast. You will learn about a variety of approaches to fasting and will walk away informed and inspired with preparation tips and strategies to successfully incorporate fasting into your life and the lives of your clients.

Course Curriculum
  • Welcome to the Fasting for Lifestyle Certification Program
  • Fasting Lifestyle Certification Pre-Quiz
  • Principles of Fasting Lifestyle Fasting Lifestyle Certification Quiz
Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Recall various definitions of and approaches to fasting
  • Identify the benefits and risks of fasting based upon published scientific literature
  • Integrate the knowledge of fasting, nutrition, and lifestyle in clinical settings


Completion Requirements
  • Upon program completion, you will receive a quiz to evaluate the growth of your knowledge. You must achieve a passing score of 90% or greater and will then  receive a Certificate of Completion provided by the American Nutrition Association (ANA).
  • You must complete the program within 6 months of registration. We suggest you allow yourself approximately 3 hours to complete the program.